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Essential oils are transdermal and work at the cellular level, and each species has distinct properties that can help cancer patients. Essential Oils consist of the volatile fractions of particular parts of plants - their fruits, seeds, flowers, bark, wood, and leaves. They have been prized for their olfactory and therapeutic properties for thousands of years. The brand we use is called Nutri-Dyn, which is 100% Pure and Sustainably-Grown Essential Oil with tons of different types. 


The Essential Oils have many benefits to offer, including the ones below and even more.

-Calming, Relaxing, and Uplifting
-Reduces Anxiety/Nervous Tension
-Helps with Sore Muscles
-Increase Performance
-Maintain Emotional Balance
-Mood Enhancer/Stimulant
-Supports Brain and Joints
-Memory Enhancement
-Helps with Viral Infections/Flu


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If in need of any of these oils, we do sell them!


This diffuser provides features and benefits optimized to deliver the most satisfying experience attainable from the diffusion of fine essential oils. The science of ultrasound has been harnessed to deliver micron-sized essential oil droplets so fine within a moment of leaving the diffuser the cool mist becomes a vapor, incorporated into the atmosphere and spreading evenly throughout the room. You can even select different color light displays of your liking. This is a great way to truly enjoy and use your favorite essential oils!